Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Rachna & Ruchika

"Positive thinking attracts positive energy."
"We want to create conscious handmade productseven if its hard!"

"Take time out to do what you are good at, at least once a week."

"When we meet people with similar thoughts who are encouraging and appreciating our creations, it keeps us going."

"Take time out to do what you are good at, at least once a week."

Rachna Kumar dreamed of being a doctor, then spent a decade as a software engineer before deciding it was time to pursue her ichcha—her wish. That wish involved teaming up with her sisters Ruchika, who has degrees in textile design and block printing, and Monika, an expert in conscious practice, to create a line of socially aware handmade products that they hope will truly make a difference.

They travelled around the world as diplomat children, and enjoy using the splendor of nature as their creative inspiration—indeed, the sisters are keenly appreciative of their place on the planet and our shared responsibility for it, a commitment that comes through in their products.

What three things make you happiest in the world?
Family, friends and ICHCHA making a difference.

What is the one thing you do every day without fail? 
Have Chai tea with milk. We love Chai and we have it every evening. :) 

What advice would you give on starting a project?
Projects usually start when we’re frustrated with something, and we would recommend taking that frustration and turning it into a project of finding a solution.

What are people usually surprised to learn about you? 
Growing up as diplomat children, we travelled around the world. 

"ICHCHA started with a dream and a wish for doing something that makes a difference."